Benchmark Options

Our benchmarks are perfect for any occasion. Each benchmark is satin finished with polished edges and felt backing if not mounted. Packaged in a blank matte gift box, comes with soft velvet bag, authenticity card and product information. Size is 3.25” x 1/8″.


We offer stainless steel, pewter, brass and bronze based on the engraving style.

Engraving Style

We offer three types of engraving styles. Cermark laser is available for stainless and pewter, Deep Cut Engraving is available for stainless, pewter, brass and bronze, and Diamond Drag is also available for all four materials. We even offer Pewter Casting for higher volume, single designs.

Display Options

Multiple display options are available including walnut base, paperweight, base with namplate, and plaques. All made with premium walnut in the USA.

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