Summit Coach

Summit Coach

The first time summit success for big climbs like Everest, Denali, Aconcagua and K2 can be improved by going into the climb better prepared. Summit Coach helps you prepare.

Summit Coach is Alan’s consulting service aiming to help aspiring climbers reach their summits. It leverages his 23 years of climbing and 30 years of business experience. The major benefit to you is the fact that Alan is not a professional climber, but has professional results with summits of K2, Everest and seven of the eight 7 Summits plus 200 Colorado 14,000 summits.

Summit Coach prices meet any budget. Please take 5 minutes to read through our site if you are thinking about spending $5,000 or even $50,000 to climb the mountain of your dreams.

The Heroes Project

The Heroes Project

THE HEROES PROJECT is an organization that works with the veterans, soldiers, mari
nes, and military families and communities on all levels. Its mission is to improve the care and protection of heroes through individual support, community empowerment and systemic change. The core work of The Heroes Project includes three initiatives:


Under the leadership of Tim Wayne Medvetz, The Heroes Project supports climbing programs for wounded marines, soldiers and veterans. The Foundation puts our injured war veterans on some of the highest summits of the world. Video footage of the climbs will be used as part of advocacy and empowerment programs to inspire thousands of our other injured veterans.


The Heroes Project aims to encourage and expand community service programs that support our nation’s heroes. The Heroes Project promotes and augments the good work of organizations working with this community across the country.


Finally, The Heroes Project plans to conduct media campaigns to highlight success stories in veterans care as well as conduct education activities to decision makers and the general public about the needs and successes in caring for veterans and military families.




Highpointers Club

Highpointers Club

The purpose of the Highpointers Club is to;Logo

  • Provides a forum for education about the 50 US state highpoints
  • Aids in the conservation of the highpoints and their environs
  • Maintains positive relationships with owners of highpoints on private property
  • Assists in the care and maintenance of highpoints
  • Supports public and private efforts to maintain the integrity of and safe access to state highpoints

The Highpointers Foundation has committed to purchasing two dozen modern benches made from recycled plastic.

Built with a black steel frame and pleasant earth-tone tan colored planks, these environmentally friendly benches are being placed at highpoints all over America for weary visitors to stop, pause, and admire the vista. Strategically placed to maximize viewing and resting, these benches will be seen in numerous highpoint locales by late 2014. The benches are each six feet long, and made by Kirby-built of New Berlin, WI, one of Americas leading providers of environmentally friendly trailhead equipment. Visitors may see some kiosks, info boards, signposts, and other items soon, all made by Kirby-built. The Bench Project offers opportunities for visible cooperation between the Foundation, tHP Plaquehe Highpointers Club, and managers/owners of the various state highpoints. It also provides an awareness to the public that maintaining and improving state highpoints is a continuing effort and process in which everyone can participate. Donors are needed to help make this project a reality. A custom plaque will be created identifying major sponsors, and imbedded in the back rest of the HP Benchbench. Please consider sponsoring a bench at your favorite highpoint!

The Highpointers Foundation, a wholly separate organization from the Highpointers Club, was granted official 501-C-3 status by the IRS in March 2007. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the IRS.

To help the Foundation, please Make a Donation!

Benegas Brothers Expeditions

Benegas Brothers Expeditions

Make your adventure dreams reality with Benegas Brothers Expeditions!

Welcome to the BBE website, our portal for YOUR adventures! Benegas Brothers Expeditions has focused on small strong teams, our unrivaled family feel, and a long-term staff of outstanding guides since 1992. Our track record is proven by our successful summits and safety rate, and clients who book with us again and again, year after year.

Veterans of the Himalaya, first ascents, rock, ice, snow and water, whatever adventure we embark on in whatever medium, come and experience our impeccable planning, service and guidance!

Fixed date departures on Seven continents, tailor made adventures and ascents, filming, family or luxury travel and more.

Alzheimer’s Advocate – Alan Arnette

Alzheimer’s Advocate – Alan Arnette

Alan Arnette is a Keynote Speaker, Mountaineer and Alzheimer’s Advocate.

Everest summiter in 2011 and oldest American to summit K2 at 58 on his birthday July 27, 2014. Cited as “most respected voice on Everest” by Outside Magazine.

AlAlan Arnette on Summitan Arnette is an Alzheimer’s advocate for individuals, their families and anyone impacted by this disease through his professional speaking, mountain climbing and website.

His objectives for the Memories are Everything® climbs are:

  • Educate the public, especially youth, on the early warning signs and how to prepare
  • Increase awareness that Alzheimer’s Disease has no cure
  • Raise research money for Alzheimer’s non-profits

His projects include:

  • 2015 – 2020: Project 8000 for Alzheimer’s:
  • Memories are Everything
  • 2014: K2, the Hardest Mountain for Alzheimer’s, the Hardest Disease: Memories are Everything®
  • 2011: The 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s: Memories are Everything®
  • 2008: Memories are Everything®: The Road Back to Mt. Everest®Donate

Over $250,000 raised for Alzheimer’s non-profits and 50 million people reached through his climbs. To learn more visit his website at or click the image below.

Geo’Junga offers 10% off any Personalized Medallions using coupon code “Memories” including $10 donated directly to Memories are Everything®.


52 Hike Challenge

52 Hike Challenge

The 52 Hike Challenge is a global movement EMPOWERing you to take a personal journey to discover the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits gained through hiking once a week for an entire year. Thousands of people all around the world are taking the challenge to help change their lives in a positive way, one step at a time.


Join our Basecamp

Join our Basecamp

We customize each benchmark for a summit achievement, fundraising campaign or event!

Our affiliates change lives and protect what is most important. We partner with affiliates ranging from Alzheimer’s Awareness, Military Hero’s and US land protection.  Through our partnerships, we promote projects to improve lives and get America outdoors!

We together can inspire and reach many, therefore developed our program for organizations of similar missions. Our affiliate program includes;

Non Profit (Charities, Organizations, Events)

  • Endorsement of your organization and events via our website, social network and customer base
  • Receive a level of free products annually for fundraising efforts, donor gifts, raffles, etc
  • Receive any level of benchmarks at our cost for use as fundraising efforts, etc
  • Request a affiliate link and promotion to our website

For Profit (Guiding Companies, Outdoor Organizations, Clubs, eCommerce and Retail)

  • Endorsement of your organization and events via our website, social network and customer base
  • Your organization receives 40% off benchmarks, Packmarks and Magnets for expeditions, summit, adventures, gifts, etc
  • Your clients receive 20% off all products for direct purchases
  • Ability to drop ship to minimize your cost with POP order display
  • Request a affiliate link and promotion to our website

We offer a free design sample for any custom benchmark, packmark or magnet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if we can answer any additional questions.


Jerald Richardson, Founder