Design Studio

There are four ways to start designing, either:

1. Select and save the template image, upload and include personalization details when placing order,
2. Create a sketch and upload when placing order,
3. Install and use *Inkscape to design, then upload saved image when placing order or,
4. Email us your details and we will provide a few ideas at no charge.

*Inkscape is a vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s free and open source. 

To use Inkscape;
1. Install Inkscape on your computer.
2. Select and download any of the templates below to best create your design.
3. Once downloaded, open template with Inkscape. The font in BLUE can be changed or deleted if not applicable to your design.
4. Save and export your design to jpeg, then upload when placing order.


For useful tips in helping you design, check out the help function in Inkscape.