Custom Benchmarks & Survey Markers

Our processes are built for customization so we can make any survey marker in the U.S. or the World without expensive tooling cost. From Everest to Whitney, anything is possible including personalized names and dates. We also offer survey markers to commemorate life events, professional achievements and more…

We offer a variety of engraving styles for your perfect benchmark. Cermark fuses the design into the metal but it is flat on the surface. Deep engrave chips the metal out closer to a replica.  Cermark Laser is available for Stainless and Pewter. Deep Engraving is available for Pewter, Brass and Bronze. 

Each benchmark is 3.25” x 1/8″ with a satin finish and polished edges. Includes felt backing if not mounted. All come with a convex dome to replicate many authentic survey markers. Packaged in a black matte gift box with a soft velvet pouch, certificate of authenticity and product information card.

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Using the original US Coast & Geodetic Survey designs, our templates are ready to engrave any of the thousands of benchmarks across the country. Send us the details or a image to replicate. Personalize with a nameplate base if desired. Shop Now

US Replica

Our exclusive design for any US mountain by adding your mountain and elevation in the personalization section. We can find the longitude and latitude if needed. There is even room for your name and date if desired. Shop Now

World Replica

The same exclusive design for any mountain in the world. Simply add your desired mountain and elevation including any personalization requests such as name and date. Shop Now


Anything and everything is possible! Grab some inspiration from our past designs or start fresh with your own. When ordering, upload a image, sketch or tell us your request. We will provide a proof within 24-48 hours for your review and approval. Shop Now


Our Professional collection are survey markers to commemorate professional achievements including retirements, years of service and more. Check out our past designs or start fresh. Shop Now


Our LifeMarks are just that, survey markers to commemorate life events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations and more. Anything and everything is possible! Grab some inspiration from our past designs or start fresh with your own. Shop Now

Mini BenchMarks

Be inspired by your past or upcoming climbs. Our 2″ Mini Benchmarks offers the same high quality in a smaller package. We can even add a magnet backing to display on a fridge. Shop Now

Misc BenchMarks

Unique collectibles in a material other than metal. From wood, laserable plastic (ABS), magnets and patches, we offer many unique ways to enjoy the spirit of the survey marker. Shop Now