National Geodetic Survey Markers

National Geodetic Survey Markers were placed using a handful of the popular templates and can be replicated using the same process. If there is a survey marker you would like to see replicated, select the template and include a image of the marker if possible or note in the personalization section. Many like to include the elevation even though that was not placed on actual markers, so if desired include that as well.

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Additional Details

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National Geodetic Survey Markers Features

  • Each benchmark is packaged in a black matte gift box with a mini base, black velour bag, certificate of authenticity and product information card.
  • Standard size is 3.25” x 1/8″ in a satin finish, formed with a slight dome and felt backing.
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National Geodetic Survey Markers, also called survey marks, survey monuments, survey benchmarks or geodetic marks, are objects placed to mark key survey points on the Earth’s surface. They are used in geodetic and land surveying. Informally, such marks are referred to as benchmarks, although strictly speaking the term “benchmark” is reserved for marks that indicate elevation. Horizontal position markers used for triangulation are also known as triangulation stations.

Starting in 1900, survey markers were often placed as part of triangulation surveys, measurement efforts that moved systematically across states or regions, establishing the angles and distances between various points. Such surveys laid the basis for map-making across the world. A triangulation station was often surrounded by several, usually three, reference marks, each of which bore an arrow that pointed back towards the main station. These reference marks made it easier for later visitors to “recover” or re-find the primary station mark. Reference marks also made it possible to replace or reset a station mark that had been disturbed or destroyed.

Survey Markers Types

  1. Triangulation
  2. Reference
  3. Geodetic Bench (Old Type)
  4. Traverse 1
  5. Azimuth
  6. Gravity (New Type)
  7. Magnetic
  8. Topography
  9. Geodetic Bench (New Type)
  10. Gravity (New Type)
  11. Tidal Bench
  12. State Survey Marker

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Material & Engraving

Stainless Cermark Laser $50, Pewter Deep Engraved $65, Brass Deep Engraved $75