US West Mountain Benchmarks

The most popular US West Mountain Benchmarks not included in the Colorado 14ers or US Highpoints are listed in the dropdown, but for the rest select “other” and note in the personalization section with elevation. We are happy to personalized each benchmark with a name and/or date at no additional charge.

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Include “other” details if not in the dropdown and if desired, name and/or date.

US West Mountain Benchmarks Features

  • Each US West mountain benchmark is packaged in a black matte gift box with a mini base, black velour bag, certificate of authenticity and product information card.
  • Standard size is 3.25” x 1/8″ in a satin finish, formed with a slight dome and felt backing.
  • Premium displays available at checkout.
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Top 10 Popular West Peaks

The Mountain West has some of the highest mountain peaks in America. The Coast Ranges, the Sierra Nevadas, the Cascade Range, and the Rocky Mountains are all found in the West region. Some of the more famous mountains in the Mountain West are Mount Elbert, Pikes Peak, Blanca Peak, Longs Peak, Kings Peak, Wind River Peak, Cloud Peak, Wheeler Peak, Truchas Peak, Granite Peak, Borah Peak, and Humphreys Peak.

  1. Half Dome 8,839′ (California) 37°44′46″N 119°31′59″W
  2. Grand Teton 13,775′ (Wyoming) 43°44′28″N 110°48′09″W
  3. Clouds Rest 9,930′ (California) 37°46′04″N 119°29′21″W
  4. Mount Baker 10,786′ (Washington) 48°46′36″N 121°48′52″W
  5. Wind River Peak 13,197′ (Wyoming) 42°42′31″N 109°07′41″W
  6. Mount Saint Helens 8,363′ (Washington) 46°11′28″N 122°11′40″W
  7. Cloud Peak 13,171′ (Wyoming) 44°22′56″N 107°10′26″W
  8. Mount Shasta 14,179′ (California) 41°24′33″N 122°11′42″W
  9. Truchas Peak 13,108′ (New Mexico) 35°57′45″N 105°38′42″W
  10. El Capitan 7,573′ (California) 37°44′32″N 119°38′09″W

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US West Mountains

Half Dome, Grand Teton, Clouds Rest, Mount Baker, Wind River Peak, Mount Saint Helens, Cloud Peak, Mount Shasta, Truchas Peak, El Capitan, Other (Include in Personalization)

Material & Engraving

Stainless Cermark Laser $50, Pewter Deep Engraved $65, Brass Deep Engraved $75