About Us

When I started this endeavor, I did not know where the journey would take me. After a few years of exploring the world, Mountain Monkey Company was born. I believe that some personal goals should take many years to complete. Whether a series of mountain expeditions or professional achievements, the journey and completion of these accomplishments needs to be cherished!

I take great pride in offering replica and custom benchmarks to commemorate your life accomplishments. The adventures, achievements and ideas that our customers share provide me personally with inspiration each and every day. Climb on whatever your mountain might be.

Balancing the Urban Mountain

Like most, we get caught up in the next promotion, life’s day-to-day pressures or our family requirements. Most of the time, civilization distracts us from our true desires. Admittedly, I sometimes find myself thinking of the past and how it has lead me toward what I thought was my purpose. In each of our circles, all are different, but we deep down thirst for the same thing. Love and the pursuit of perfection. What is your LifeMark? 

Seven Summits

Climbing the North Cascades seemed to quench my mountaineering spirit when living in Washington State even with only a vision of the Seven Summits. Only until I arrived in sunny California, thought to be a mistake by a few close friends, did I know this is when the quest would drive forward.

The “Seven Summits” is regarded as a mountaineering challenge and exploration accomplishment. They include: Everest, Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Kosciuszko, and Vinson, the highest in each continent from the original Bass version first completed in 1985.

I have been blessed to have summited 5 of 7 to date including; Kilimanjaro (Africa) at 19,340′ in 2010, Elbrus (Europe) at 18,510′ in 2013, Aconcagua (South America) at 22,841′ in 2015, Denali (North America) at 20,320′ in 2016, and Kosciusko (Australia) at 7,313′ in 2019. I’ve summited Lobuche East at 20,075 feet in the shadow of Everest in 2017 with a trek to base camp, however both Everest (Asia) and Vinson Massif ( Antarctica) at 16,067′ remain. These are chapters yet to be written!

US 50 Highpoints

The quest to summit the 50 high-points in America was always deep in my spirit as I remember, when 6 years old, staring at a needle point map of the states in my great grandma’s house. Many may summit the lesser peaks first to work toward the difficult later, however the first three peaks I completed were Rainier, Whitney and Denali in that order. Hard to believe, but fewer have summited all 50 than the Seven Summits!

California 14ers

In the mountaineering world of the Western United States, a “fourteener” is a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet. There are 15 “fourteeners” in the California, but only 12 which have at least 300 feet of topographic prominence which is usually the criteria. All but two, Mount Shasta and White Mountain Peak are located in the Sierra Nevada range.

On Route and Safe Travels!

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