Design Process

Q. Can you make any survey marker?

A. Yes. Our processes are built for customization so we can make any survey marker in the U.S. or the World without expensive tooling cost. From Everest to Whitney, anything is possible including personalized names and dates. We also offer survey markers to commemorate life events, professional achievements and more…

Q. Where can I research actual benchmarks in the U.S.?

A. The USGS database is a pretty cool site. It is located at www.ngs.noaa.gov/NGSDataExplorer/

Q. Do I need to place a order before starting the design process?

A. No. We are happy to start with the design process which you will have the opportunity to make as many adjustments or changes prior to placing order. There are three ways to start designing, either: 1) Select and save a benchmark image, upload and include personalization details when placing order 2) Create a sketch and upload when placing order 3) Email us your details and we will provide a few ideas at no charge.

Benchmark Questions

Q. What size and finish is the benchmark?

A. Each benchmark is 3.25” x 1/8″ with a satin finish and polished edges. Includes felt backing if not mounted.

Q. Do the benchmarks come with a dome?

A. Yes they all come with a convex dome to replicate many authentic survey markers. This forming process is after engraving so if desired, we can leave flat as well.

Q. What engraving and material styles are available?

A. We offer four styles. Cermark laser in stainless and deep engraving in pewter, brass and bronze.

Q. What is the difference between Cermark and Deep Engraving?

A. Cermark fuses the design into the metal but it is flat on the surface. Deep engrave chips the metal out closer to a replica.

Q. Can I place a image on my benchmark?

A. Yes the image is possible on either engraving style. For cermark engraving, the image will be vectorized allowing great detail such as a emblem, logo, etc. The deep engrave will have more of a outline of the image. 

Q. How is the contrast for the deep engraving benchmarks

A. For deep engraving, we introduced this style earlier in the year and we can either paint fill or leave the material as is to naturally age. The text may be light at the start, however it will long term have a vintage look.

Q. Is there a price break for multiple quantities?

A. Our processes are built for customization so the manufacturing time is the same for 1, 5 or 10 but we are happy to provide a discount for more than a single benchmark.

Display Questions

Q. What packaging is included with my benchmark?

A. Packaged in a black matte gift box with mini base, soft velvet pouch, certificate of authenticity and product information card.

Q. What display options are available for my benchmark?

A. Multiple display options are available including walnut base, paperweight, base with nameplate, and plaques. All made with premium walnut in the USA.

Q. Do you offer a backing to set in concrete and what is the most durable for the outdoors?

A. Our deep engraved benchmarks are perfect for the outdoors and the most durable would be the brass option with a brass backing. The t-shaped backing is liquid welding to a flat marker providing a strong grip for the concrete. We also recommend Loctite Metal and Concrete Epoxy (1919325) which you can find on Amazon.

Care Questions

Q. What can I do to clean my benchmark?

A. If you rub a bit of olive oil along the grain, it really brings out the detail.

Shipping & Delivery

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A. We ship USPS for all customer orders and offer a flat rate shipping based on order type. Benchmarks $5, Mini $3 and Magnets $1 regardless of quantity.

If these FAQs did not answer your question, send us a note via Contact Us and we will response ASAP to your request. Feel free to text or call 626-318-7213 as well.